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West Side Comedy Club

is one of New York’s most famous comedy destinations. It attracts the biggest names in comedy (Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Jessica Kirson etc.), and is one of the nicest rooms in the city. Located in the historic Upper West Side, the club is best known for its comfortable seating, intimate atmosphere and delicious food/drink.

The club is run by Felicia Madison, a comedian / manager who translates her fun, intelligent humor into an atmosphere where comics love to perform and where audiences love to laugh.

She is proud of the club’s relaxed, down-to-earth energy. Comics are approachable and will often chat with the audience members after the show. The staff is gracious, hard-working and genuinely excited to see everyone who walks in the door.

Felicia has a keen eye for discovering and nurturing new talent.

She founded F Comedy, a development room for up and coming comedians, many of whom have gone on to make their Late Night TV debuts and star in a variety of shows. For information about mics and New Talent development, got to